4pixelsBETA 3


Single page scrolling site for holtgroup

Powa Websites

butterflyDesign and build for Powa websites:

PowaTag, PowaWeb , PowaPOS and Careers (dev)


Graphic for website home page


Graphic for website home page


Graphic for website home page

Veritas Advisory

Responsive website and branding for Veritas Advisory

Veritas Branding

Logo development and branding for Veritas Advisory

Top Ten.

This was a little brief to produce a 3D number '10' for a little advertising campaign. Modelled and rendered in Lightwave 10.

Principles Accountancy

A little branding job for Principles Accountancy. A combination of a modern logo based on 'pa' combined with a more traditional font for the full wording.

Rembrandt has a nose for a good red.

This was a little re-touch job I did for a company called Bordeaux Wines which specialises in Wine Investments. Can't remember whose arm I comped in, so no credits there.

75th Canniversary!

I'm currently working on designs for the new UK SPAM website. This one is for the 75th Anniversary celebrations.

It's that time of year!

Yup, time to start doing artwork for clients Christmas cards, mailings etc. I modelled and rendered the baubles in Lightwave 10.

You'll believe your products can fly!

Freestyle Merchandising is a breakthrough technology that gives online merchandisers new found freedom and control – and gives product lines wings. These were a series of A1 posters created for a recent exhibition.


Needed to model a SPAM can for some new recipes, so I knocked this up in Lightwave 10 and applied various texture maps for each design.

Longer lasting brand stories.

I worked on these chapter illustrations with Franco Farrel for the latest version of Neville Portelli and Larry Reece’s book on brand stories.

Responding to the market.

Last year I started exploring responsive websites built with Media Queries, jQuery and CSS3 etc that adapt for desktop, notepads and smart phones. You can see examples of these at www.project-postcode.com, and www.holtconstructionltd.co.uk.

If anyone's interested I've been using the Skeleton Framework, Flexslider, FitVids and Elastislide amongst other things to build these sites.

Here's looking forward to 2012 and lots of new toys.

The first adult looking, adult tasting soft drink.

I worked with Neville Portelli, Kerbang's creative director on producing the branding, packaging and POS for Soft Brew, the first adult looking, adult tasting soft drink. The product can be found in Waitrose, Sainsburys and M&S.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

Red Adair

Easy as...

This was an image I created for a brochure for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. It was modelled and rendered in Lightwave 3D.

Wine Investment

I worked with Neville Portelli, Kerbang's creative director on producing the branding for Bordeaux Index, a company specialising in wine investment.

Show your appreciation for SPAM!

This was one of several graphics done for Favebook and Twitter to mark the 2012 SPAM Appreciation week..


Red is the new white

This was a fairly simple job to turn a white Volve to red for an exhibition panel. It involved two stages, one to create a mask to apply the red, and then secondly an alpha channel to put all of the highlites back in.

A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Project-Postcode launches initiative to get teenagers involved in the music and film industry.

Project Postcode is an innovative educational film project which will use film, media and music as the mechanism of engagement to inform and educate young people aged 11-19 from a diverse range of cultural and social backgrounds on modern day social issues relating to anti-social behaviour, knife crime, drug and alcohol awareness, preconception stereotyping and healthy living. This includes gaining knowledge and understanding of equal opportunities, diverse languages, prejudice and discrimination, fitness and healthy lifestyles. This was my second responsive website. www.project-postcode.com

Designs on the fashion industry.

More reach than Grazia, more street than Cosmo, more readers than Marie Claire – the fastest, hottest way to reach more Fashionistas is AIGUAMEDIA.

It’s not a magazine .It's a MEGAzine, a megaphone mouthpiece with more up to the second reader dialogue than any fashion magazine in the world. It walks down the catwalk and talks from the street. It gives health and beauty a complete make-over.

This is one of the layout designs I did for Aiguamedia last year.

Underground re-launch as Kerbang

Undergroundblc have relaunched in 2012 as Kerbang with a new philosophy, longer lasting brand stories. You can see the new website that I built for them here http://www.thebigkerbang.com

Kerbang has always believed in the power of the brand story and for many years we have explored brand stories in our brand positioning work. We believe it's so powerful, and so important to brands today, that we have now geared our entire agency process to helping our clients uncover and tell more compelling brand stories. Take a look at some of the examples and successes on our website here. While anyone can have a shot at writing your brand story... we can help make it a best seller.


Library chair

This was a 3D model built in Lightwave based on a real chair which I came accross one day on Google.

Classic car, Electrifying performance

The Lightning Sports Car Company are a British company that produce an electric powered sports car. This was a logo created in Lightwave. The idea was to merge a modern look with a classic car badge. In the end unfortunately they opted for another logo.